little nothings

My new project is a collection of pieces all loosely based on the same chord (the thesis statement below). It's really just some sort of Csus11, but the shape of it makes a lot of Perfect 4ths (C to F, F to Bb, D to G). (It's almost the same flavor as Bill Evans' "So What" Chord.) All theory aside, this one chord inspired me a lot. I composed 10 pieces wherein this chord was either the seed or the fruit.

I recorded these pieces on my Hyundai grand piano in mhouse in South West Philadelphia. My friend Heather Jones mastered those piano tracks, which I will soon release as little nothings on piano.

I then dragged all ten little nothings into the same Ableton file, and spent about 6 months reimagining and remixing those piano recordings. Like the use of the thesis statement, the single Ableton set was a construct that provided an inspirational limitation (like a Brian Eno Oblique Strategy). The result is a varied collection in which the original piano recordings also acted as either a seed or fruit.

Interspersed among the songs are percussion and noise samples from contributor Ben Sloan, public domain samples from a speech by John Wanamaker, and a voicemail from my grandfather, Enrique Sudarsky left me.

little nothings on piano