Sephy, also known as Joel Sephy Gleiser, is a multi-talented artist who encompasses the roles

of pianist, composer, singer, songwriter, producer, and arranger. His deep-rooted passion for

music took hold at the tender age of four when his parents enrolled him in piano lessons. With

an innate fascination for sound and melody, he quickly began crafting his own original

compositions. As he grew, Sephy delved into the realm of saxophone through his participation in

a school band, while also immersing himself in jazz combos where he showcased his piano

skills. Collaborating with friends, he ventured into the realm of beat-making.

Following his graduation from high school, Sephy pursued a degree in Jazz Studies at the

esteemed University of Maryland. Subsequently, he relocated to Philadelphia, where he

embarked on diverse recording projects as an artist, producer, and instrumentalist, working from

his home studio nestled in Southwest Philadelphia. Embracing a forward-thinking approach,

Sephy aspires to craft music that paves the way for the future, intertwining elements of jazz into

his distinctive musical tapestry. His compositions feature meticulously sculpted harmonies,

bespoke timbres, and innovative arrangements.

In his captivating single "Brujo Chueco" released in 2020, Sephy employs repetitive yet

minimalist piano segments, skillfully concealing harmonic and rhythmic duplicity. Accompanied

by vocals that gradually simmer in intensity, sung in a captivating blend of Spanglish, the listener

is enveloped in a captivating narrative.

Likewise, Sephy's collaboration with the band Son Step embodies an adventurous exploration of

crafting utterly unique pop music that is both danceable and mathematically intricate. Alongside

recording multiple albums, the band embarked on extensive tours in various configurations.

These live performances presented Sephy with fresh challenges, providing opportunities to

expand his repertoire by mastering new instruments such as the Teenage Engineering OP-1

and the Elektron Octatrack, which he expertly programmed to control electronic drums, backing

tracks, and a video synthesizer.

Ever the creative force, Sephy is ceaselessly engrossed in developing and recording new

projects, both independently and in conjunction with other artists. His most recent release, "Little

Nothings," is a captivating collection of instrumental music that artfully merges piano and

computer-generated sounds. Excitingly, his forthcoming solo endeavor is a 20-minute sonic

odyssey featuring prepared piano, prepared guitar, and violin.

Sephy's unwavering dedication to his craft is evident in his expansive musical repertoire, which

reflects his boundless creativity and his relentless pursuit of pushing artistic boundaries.

little nothings

brujo chueco

reverie - by claude debussy

son step